This past yuletide season brought more than good tidings and Christmas cheer to Uganda. The East African nation was also blessed with one of the rarest gifts of all – a baby rhino that came into the world on December 27th at the Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Sanctuary.


One of the keepers reports the adorable baby boy managed to pull his body up and take a few tentative steps just minutes after birth. Mind you, his mother (Malaika) continues to keep a close eye on him at all times and is never far away. The strapping young lad – who had not been named at press time – was the fourth rhino born at Ziwa during 2016.

One of those other deliveries came as a complete surprise to Ziwa’s keepers because they didn’t know the mother (Donna) was pregnant when she gave birth to a little boy in July of last year. Naming him was a no-brainer – Ajabu – a Swahili word that denotes surprise, amazement or a miracle. Ajabu is extra special because his mother was the first rhino born at Ziwa, which makes him Uganda’s first second generation rhino.   

Ziwa Sanctuary was created to reintroduce the southern white rhino to Uganda after their extinction in 1982. Presently the park is home to 19 of the highly endangered animals and Ziwa has become increasingly popular for rhino trekking, bird watching and nature walks. A visit to the sanctuary is a perfect add-on to safaris in the Murchison Falls region or for anyone who wants to spend a day observing rhinos in the wild.

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