Uganda – The Pearl of Africa: With an area comparable to that of Great Britain, has 10 National Parks, 17 percent of the world’s biodiversity, over 54 percent of the worlds Mountain Gorillas and 11 percent of the world’s mammal species. Uganda is also home to Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest lake with more than 50% of its 68,800 square kilometres in Uganda.

At the start of 2023, The Cable News Network (CNN) ranked Uganda among the best destinations that travellers should consider visiting in 2023.

In the CNN travel article titled “Where to travel in 2023: best Destinations to visit”, the CNN cited Uganda as an East African country that offers unique travel experiences and thus its inclusion among the best 23 destinations to visit this year.

Uganda’s positioning as one of the top destinations in the world is attributed to her wildlife population which has increased by more than 50% in the last four decades.  In an interview at Uganda media center, the tourism Minister, Hon Tom Butime, revealed that between 1983 and 2021, the country has recorded more than 298% boom in elephant numbers (from 2000 to 7975 individuals) while the giraffe numbers have grown by nearly six times to 2072 individuals. The Minister’s Statistics also indicated a 76% increase in Buffaloes’ population from 25000 to 44,000 individuals. Uganda currently has got over 33 Southern White Rhinos at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary which is a good step worth celebrating especially after they were declared extinct in the 1980s.

The enhanced integrity of the Protected Areas and stringent Conservation policies among others are the reason for the increased wildlife numbers. Despite the challenges of Wildlife conservation such as poaching, wildlife trafficking, the numbers look promising.  “However, more needs to be done to save the shrinking population of certain wildlife species like lions and the chimpanzees”- the Minister indicated.

In 2022, the UN Biodiversity experts cautioned about the widespread exploitation of Nature, which is observed to threaten the wellbeing of billions of people all over the World whose livelihood (income, food, and energy) depends on these wild species.

Uganda’s packaging of the unique cultural experiences that include promises of Ugandan food, cycling, the hospitality and music are some of the attributes that make the Pearl of Africa, a distinct travel destination.

Uganda’s safari superstars are the Gorillas and tree climbing lions, but there’s that that. Allow Adventure Consults to craft your planned holiday that will suite available time, budget and choice of accommodation;