Adventure Consults is thrilled to share good news from Entebbe international Airport. After a long of period of changes in entry requirements to various parts of the world, Uganda’s Civil Aviation has dropped the last travel restrictions. Effecive 7th March 2023, all travellers to Uganda nolonger require providing COVID-19 Test Certificates and neither do they require to carry out any tests prior arrival or departure.

“Passengers through Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport are reminded that the COVID-19 restriction requiring passengers to show COVID-19 certificates was dropped (no longer relevant), effective 7th March 2023”, Vianney M. Luggya, the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Spokesman announced vai a tweeter.

Whereas Uganda doesn’t require arriving or departing passengers to present Covid-19 Certificates, travelers will need to check their destination countries whether it might be required. “For passengers departing Uganda, the requirement for these certificates will only be applied if the destination country requires it, Luggya added.

Uganda is home to over 50% of the remaining Gorilla population on earth, and also hosts about 5,000 Chimpanzees. These are very small numbers compared to other wildlife. In order to protect the future of these endangered “Big 2”, all visitors that go tracking are required to waar face masks while in close proximity. Adventure Consults provides enough masks to all guests heading out for Gorilla and Chimpanzee tracking. More information on Gorillas, check this out – Gorilla Information.