Uganda Airlines, the flag carrier of the Pearl of Africa, is set to start direct flights from Entebbe – Uganda to Mumbai – India. The highly anticipated inaugural flight will be on 7thOctober 2023.

The Entebbe – Mumbai flight will be departing Entebbe on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, thus 3 departures in a week, departing at 2025 hours East African time.

The national carrier is already making a long-haul flight to Dubai and it has already secured a landing slot at London Heathrow Airport.

Within the continent, it flies to Kenya, Somalia, DRC, Burundi, South Sudan, Tanzania and South Africa.

Speaking during the pre-launch breakfast with top-tier resident Indian Investors on Friday, 18th August, the Chief Executive Director Uganda Airlines Jenifer Bamuturaki described the milestone as “a great stride for Uganda”

The “Entebbe-Mumbai direct flight will enable improve the bilateral relations between Uganda and India for tourism, trade, and culture” she added. It should be noted that Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is the largest Financial and commercial City in India, in addition to being the 6thmost populous Metropolitan area in the World with over 23 million people.

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