Go Gorilla tracking with Dr Gladys Kalema Zikusoka

Gorilla tracking is one the world’s unique adventure activities. Every other day, there is increasing demand to learn more about the life of Gorillas. Travelers want to listen to specialists for more in-depth understanding about primates. This means, Gorilla tracking is no longer about ticking-off the box and flip to the next page. It’s from this background that Adventure Consults decided to introduce more unique ways to interact with the great apes.

Adventure Consults’ partnerships with East Africa’s best researchers and conservationists has provided opportunities for travelers to indulge in more than just ordinary safaris but insight research holidays. This focuses on health as well as other conservation aspects that impact on animal survival. This unique new way of approaching primate safaris is a definite bucket list that has been embraced by the travel world.

In the legacy of Dian Fossey, Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka has become one of the leading conservationists and scientists working to save the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas that live in Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. She is founder and Chief Executive Officer of Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH), a nonprofit organization that promotes conservation by improving the quality of life of people and wildlife to enable them to coexist in and around protected areas in Africa.

Dr Gladys is a very special person that generously shares knowledge with the world. She is one of Adventure Consults’ conservation partners and quite often, she gives talks to our clients. With advance reservations and commitment, Dr Gladys also escorts Adventure Consults’ clients for intimate Gorilla tracking experiences.

Tracking gorillas with Dr Gladys provides a Golden opportunity to anyone interested in getting first hand info about primates (not only Gorillas). You will participate in collecting Gorilla faecal samples using professional and protective equipment. The samples are usually taken to the CTPH lab for examination and detailed analysis about the health of specific Gorilla families.

While tracking Gorillas with Dr Gladys, you get to visit and talk to the frontline communities that directly come in contact with the gorillas almost on a daily basis. Gorillas not only eat what is in peoples’ gardens but also come into contact with humans. This provides human – Gorilla disease exchange possibilities. It’s against this background that CTPH focuses on improving the health of the people living around the park, plus their livestock. This long-term and sustainable method to indirectly improve the health of the gorillas has proven to be very effective.

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