Gorilla habituation is a process carried out by Wildlife Authority researchers to have Gorillas accustomed to people or visitors. The exercise starts with daily visits to wild Gorillas by trained teams and takes about 2 to 3 years. When specific groups/families get adapted to human visits, wildlife authority gradually allows visitors to accompany the researchers. This is a last stage of Gorilla habituation. The experience is amazing you become part of a unique conservation team. A special permit is required, and cost is always part of Adventure Consults’ package price.

As of May 2023, only 1 Gorilla family in the world can be accessed for Gorilla Habituation experience. Uganda Wildlife Authority may open more families, and this will certainly provide great opportunities for learning about the life of Gorillas in the wild.

Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, has got a variety of Gorilla tracking points or sectors. The more endowed, less visited, and greener southern part of Bwindi (Rushaga) is where Gorilla habituation experience is conducted.

Gorilla habituation experience is limited to 4 guests per day. This is an added benefit to any primate enthusiast and photographers at all levels. Limited guest numbers mean a relaxed and less congestedviewing.

The adventurous day normally starts early in the morning (about 6am), meet your guide at the lounge and transfer to the park headquarters. You will meet the research team for a detailed briefing and enterthe misty Bwindi Forest. The exercise requires good level of fitness since the terrain is steep, the trails are sometimes muddy and slippery especially on a rainy day. This makes the activity more authentic and adventurous.

Unlike the ordinary Gorilla tracking exercise where you spend one hour with the Gorillas after finding them, habituation experience allows to spend about four hours. When you find the Gorillas, keep following as you listen to the guides’ in-depth explanations about daily lifestyle of these majestic apes.Keep an eye on the jungle giants as they groom and play with the young ones, see how they protect each other, they will often pose for photos, and may tease you. It’s important that you follow the guide’s instructions for a more enjoyable and safe experience. See more info about mountain Gorillas.

The extended 4-hour interaction with the Gorillas, gives the best opportunity for the best images of both Gorillas, plants and other wildlife that you will encounter.

The thrill of spending time with and observing these gentle giants is a rare and moving adventure that will leave you with long lasting memories. No doubt, it’s a once in a lifetime Adventure and is highly recommended.

Gorilla Habituation Experience can be part of standard Adventure Consults trips or an independent trip specifically focused on habituation. The cost for habituation experience permit is higher in comparison to the standard Gorilla trekking permit, but it’s worth it. The permit is always included in the package price.

The shortest duration for Gorilla habituation experience trip is 3 nights/4 days. Adventure consults’ presence in both Uganda and Rwanda, provides clients with flexibility to either fly into Entebbe (Uganda) and take an aerial flight to Kisoro airstrip or arrive into Kigali (Rwanda) and take a scenic road trip to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park .