RwandAir has announced the resumption of the daily flights to and from Entebbe International Airport. The halt of this route since June 2021 was due to a surge in Covid cases in the region. Following consistent reduction in covid confirmed cases, the regional flights to and from Uganda will restart on 17th September 2021.


The daily direct flights on Kigali – Entebbe – Nairobi route have been running for the last six years. The 3 months suspension has negatively impacted on both the airline’s operations and finances. The Chief Executive Officer of RwandAir, Yvonne Makolo confirmed the restart of Entebbe route in the next few days.

In a statement dated 20th August 2021, Uganda’s Ministry of health announced that there’s consistent drop in positivity for covid cases. The ministry further mentioned that a number of Ugandans have received both first and second vaccination doses. The Government is using Multi-pronged approach to secure adequate vaccines for the target population of 22 million-18 years and above adults.

At Adventure Consults, we greatly appreciate the effort and commitment by both Governments of Uganda and Rwanda in fighting the pandemic, and we not only look forward to taking care of more travelers but also ensuring safe travels!

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