There’s always something new and exciting from the land of a thousand hills – Rwanda! Plans are underway to construct a well-appointed Golf Course Hotel within the country’s Southern Province.

Expected to take 16 months to complete, the 100-room five-star Hotel will sit on a 17.8-hectare plot in Muhanga district and will feature a fitness center, state of art business center and conference rooms, a mini-golf Course, and a health Club among others.

This new 5 start hotel is foreseen to showcase and display the rich historical and cultural one of a kind heritage that is found in the Southern province of Rwanda.

Other than the 100 rooms, the hotel is going to consist of conference rooms, a single business center, one fitness center, a health hub, and a mini-golf course within its 17.8-hectare premises.

In addition to the existing Rwanda Safari options, the new development brings a smile to oursales team as will enable us offer more activities and choices of accommodation.