Good news from the Land of a thousand Hills is that the procedures that were shared earlier in July 2021 are still the same and nothing has changed. Note that the information shared by Adventure Consults’ team covers protocols as they are at the time of compilation. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) keep changing and sometimes at very short notice. We therefore recommend that you keep checking with our team ( for more UpToDate information and ensure that you/your clients meet required travel procedures.


Quick overview

Tourist Entry and exit: Allowed.

Land borders: Open other than Uganda/Rwanda border that is still closed as of end August 2021.

International Tourist Travel around Rwanda: Allowed under strict SOPs.
Testing prior arrival: Required to present a negative PCR COVID-19 certificate irrespective of vaccination status.

Testing upon arrival: Mandatory PCR Covid-19 test on arrival irrespective of vaccination status.

Local Restrictions

Lockdown in Effect: Partial but doesn’t affect Licensed Tour operator vehicle and staff.
Hotels: Open under strict SOPs.
Organised and not crowded Shopping places and craft shops: Open
Restaurants: Open with restrictions

All travelers arriving in Rwanda must have a negative COVID-19 certificate. The only accepted test is a SARS-CoV 2 Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) performed within 72 hours prior to departure (meaning travelers must be tested and get results within 3 days of their first flight). Other tests, such as Rapid Diagnostics Tests (RDTs), are not accepted. COVID-19 Test is not mandatory for accompanied children under 5 years.

All travelers arriving in Rwanda must complete the passenger locator form and upload the COVID-19 test certificate before heading to the airport. Please follow this link

All travelers will be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival at Kigali International airport at a cost of USD 60 as indicated in the passenger locator form. If anyone opts to pay cash on arrival, the balance will be given in Local currency – Rwanda Francs (FRW).

What happens after taking your samples on arrival?

All travelers are required to wait 24 hours for the results of their COVID-19 test taken upon arrival before proceeding with the safari. Adventure Consults will ensure that you are booked at one of the designated hotels for a minimum of 24 hours before proceeding with the trip. We have in some cases been lucky and got results in less than 24 hours or even 10 hours but can’t guarantee. In an event that your results are released earlier than anticipated, and you happen to have more daytime in Kigali, Adventure Consults will always arrange complementary short excursions to make your stay in Rwanda more memorable and interesting!

What happens if you test positive? If your test results are positive, even if asymptomatic while in Rwanda, you will be treated in line with Rwanda’s COVID-19 management guidelines until you have fully recovered at your own cost.

 Adventure consults shall at all times operate within the COVID-19 prevention guidelines, so we request our clients and partners to observe the procedures as shall be instructed. 

All travelers arriving or transiting for up to 12 hours through Rwanda will be screened upon entry and take a second RT-PCR test on arrival. Sample collection will be conducted at the airport upon arrival and waiting for the results to the designated transit hotel. The COVID-19 Test Results for transiting passengers for up to 12 hours will be fast track so that passenger can get the results before their connection flight.

All travelers transiting/connecting who are not leaving airport and those who will leave airport to the designated transit hotel for less than 12 hours will be screened upon entry and not required to take a second test until their connecting flight at Kigali International Airport (This is not applicable for transiting passengers by land border, in that case, passengers will be tested using RT-PCR Test and waiting for the results from the designated transit hotels before proceeding).

As of 1st Sept. 2021, all passengers arriving from or have traveled to India or Uganda in the last 7 days are required to complete 7 days in mandatory quarantine upon arrival at the designated hotels . Airlines have been instructed to check if passengers have booked 7 days in the mentioned designated hotels before boarding. Please get in touch with our sales team for details.

 Required tests and duration before visiting National parks while in Rwanda.

Visiting Gorilla and Chimpanzee parks: SARS-CoV 2 Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) taken within 72 hours will be the only accepted test for visitors to Volcanoes, Nyungwe, and Gishwati-Mukura national parks. Precisely, one must have tested negative in order to visit primate parks.

A negative Rapid Antigen Test taken within 72 hours shall be allowed for anyone to visit Akagera National Park.

There are testing centers within proximity of all National parks to enable Adventure Consults’ travelers have tests carried out with ease. Our guides shall always give necessary assistance.

For all the other visitor destinations including the hotel stays, either a Rapid Antigen Test or SARS-CoV 2 Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) taken within 72 hours will be accepted. 

All travellers, including drivers and guides are required to fill and submit movement requests together with copies of negative COVID-19 test results to the Rwanda Development Board at least 24 hours prior to the travel date. 

Accompanying hotel guests under the age of 12 with a negative test certificate, are not required to undergo COVID-19 testing.

Departure: Travelers departing Rwanda must test negative for COVID-19. The only accepted test is a SARS-CoV2 Real Time Chain Polymerase (RT-PCR) performed within 72 hours before departure. All other tests are not permitted. Adventure Consults’ field will be your personal advisor or can get in contact with our office. 

If any traveler tests positive for covid-19 (even if asymptomatic) while in Rwanda, he/she will be treated as indicated in the National Covid-19 management guidelines until they have fully recovered at their own cost. Adventure Consults encourages all travelers to have international Travel insurance.

Covid test related costs – Rwanda.
Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test is USD 50 for travellers departing Rwanda and USD 60 for arriving visitors. 

The Rapid Antigen test is USD 10 and results are typically available within 15 minutes of the test being taken. 

Adventure Consults urges all travelers, partners, staff and everyone world over to follow the scientifically proven prevention measures and these include among others;

  • Consistently and correctly wearing masks while in public.
  • Social distancing of at least 2 meters while in public places.
  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Always wash hands with soap or use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Check out Adventure Stories and updates, and We look forward to hosting you in the ‘Land of a thousand Hills’ – Rwanda.