It’s the time of year when most of us would already be on the move or about to set off on an unforgettable adventure. When everyone is traveling, venturing beyond their comfort zone, meeting new people, making new friends, or relishing wildlife and golden sunsets! Unfortunately, the world has been forced to press the pause button.


Adventure Consults would like to thank all our partners and clients that opted to postpone their trips as opposed to cancelling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We greatly appreciate your trust and optimism that the world will soon get back to normal. We’ve done our best to address many of your questions below.

What happens to individuals, groups or families who have booked a 2020 trip with Adventure Consults are not able to take the trip this year because of country lockdowns/bans on travel?

Adventure Consults strongly recommends that you postpone 2020 travel plans and will do all it takes to ensure there are no extra costs due to any changes in your travel plans.

Some service providers have already announced 2021 tariffs/rates. But Adventure Consults is able to honor 2020 rates because of its great working relationships and networking. Note that this is only applicable to travel bookings confirmed and secured with a deposit prior to lockdown and travel must be at least within a period of one year or not beyond December 2021. However, the company is examining everything on a case-by-case basis, so feel free to get in touch for more up-to-date information on your situation.

Why is it better to postpone travel rather than cancelling?

Jobs: In Uganda alone, tourism accounts for over 600,000 jobs. This includes tour operators, hoteliers, guides, national park staff, etc.

When you consider the varied value chain and huge multiplier effect, millions and millions of Ugandans depend on tourism for their economic wellbeing. This may include the cab driver or taxi man who is always at the airport waiting to offer transfer services, the farmer who supplies foodstuff to the lodges, the pump attendant who puts fuel in the vehicle taking guests around the country.

If trips are cancelled, that means jobs are completely lost and lives are greatly be affected. And there’s a domino effect. For instance, this may lead to an inability to pay school tuition or family health care expenses.

Conservation: Conservation work is manly facilitated by funds from national park entrance fees and wildlife permit sales in addition to donations from partners. When income falls because people aren’t traveling, there’s less cash to fund conservation programs.

In addition, visitors, guides and rangers are indirectly monitoring the national parks and other conservation areas by just being there. A decline in visitation means less supervision and a high chance of increased poaching and other wildlife-related illegal activities. Imagine then no tourism for the next 2 years!

Please note that Adventure Consults needs to receive new travel dates as soon as possible to reschedule permits and accommodations accordingly. Of course, rescheduling is subject to space availability. Most clients have welcomed the chance to postpone and safari slots are filling up so fast. It’s therefore recommended that you make up your mind as soon as possible.

And because there’s no better time than now to plan your next trip — once the world is up and adventurous again — here are a few safari itinerary ideas.,

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