Regional air service in East Africa takes another giant leap forward in June with the addition of direct flights from Kenya’s Masai Mara to Entebbe, with onward connections to Uganda’s national parks.


Starting on June 1st, AirKenya kicks off flights between the Mara and Entebbe via Kisumu on the shore of Lake Victoria. This service will connect with AeroLink Uganda for onward bush flights to Ugandan parks.

This new service provides a convenient and affordable link between Mara’s legendary wildlife andUganda’s lesser-known parks, many of them popular for primate trekking. Uganda boasts ten national parks, 17% of the world’s biodiversity, over 54% of the world’s mountain gorillas and 11% of the world’s mammal species. More than 1,200 feathered species have been recorded — an astonishing 33% of the world’s birds. Meanwhile more than 50% of Lake Victoria, the world’s second largest lake, falls within Uganda.

Daily AirKenya flights are scheduled to depart Mara at 8:45 AM, with a short stopover at Kisumu for customs and immigration before proceeding to Entebbe for an 11:30 AM arrival.

This is ideal for afternoon connections to most of Uganda’s national parks. The reverse service will depart Entebbe at 12:15 PM with a scheduled arrival in Mara of around 2:30 PM. This allows passengers to easily segue from the gorillas, chimpanzee and big game of Uganda to the vast herds that populate Masai Mara.

The service from Masai Mara to Entebbe requires a minimum of two passengers (or two paid seats) per flight.

Adventure Consultsoffers both scheduled and private chartered bush flights to the natural treasures of Uganda. Some adventurous travelers prefer to take road trips so that they can discover the countryside. But for journeys beyond six hours, the company recommends short flights.

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