Twenty-three years after the genocide against the Tutsi, Adventure Consults joined the rest of the world to remember and honor the more than one million lives lost in Rwanda during the internal strife of 7th April to 15th July 1994.


Kwibuka is the Kinyarwanda word for “remembrance” and a most fitting designation for this annual nationwide tribute, which stretches across 100 days. During those hundreds days, the country hosted hundreds of events, film screenings, discussions and remembrance ceremonies.


More than 400 guests — including international leaders, dignitaries, survivors and representatives of survivor organizations — attended the official Kwibuka ceremony on April 7th at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Rwanda’s capital city.


The Kigali Genocide Memorial is the final resting place for more than 250,000 victims of the genocide and honors the memory of the more than one million Rwandans killed in 1994.  As part of our safari packages, every Adventure Consults traveler to Rwanda gets an opportunity to visit the memorial for an insightful tour that strives to help visitors understand Rwanda’s history and the genocide. 


During the tour, one listens to the stories and facts about what actually happened in 1994. The genocide against the Tutsi was one of the worst atrocities in human history and a tragic lesson in the destructive power of human hate and discrimination.


It’s often a very emotional experience for our guests. One of them was moved to comment, “My visit to Rwanda a year ago is always in my mind. I found the visit to the Genocide Memorial Museum deeply moving. For a nation to grow from this horror is a significant achievement.”


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With the power of resilience and as one people, the Rwandese continue to stand together with one purpose and one vision. Rwanda’s story of renewal and the courage of survivors to rebuild their lives has been an example for the entire world. By choosing unity over division, the country is now a beacon of peace and prosperity.

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