Wildlife Authority, the body in charge of managing Uganda’s protected areas conducted a historic translocation of one of the world’s notable antelopes – Uganda Kobs.

The exercise that started on 16th March 2023 and is still ongoing and will see a total of the 200 Uganda Kobs translocated from Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve to Kidepo Valley National Park. Kabwoya Wildlife Reserve is part of the large Murchison falls Conservation Area.

In 2017, Uganda Wildlife Authority undertook the first Uganda Kob translocation into Kidepo Valley National Park involving over 110 individuals and since then, the population has grown between 350 and 400 individuals following natural breeding. This demonstrates how successful the first translocation was and with the recent exercise, the population of these antelopes is expected to grow to over 600 individuals.

The translocation exercise is aimed at speedily increasing and multiplying the population of Uganda Kobs in Kidepo valley National Park, which will be fundamental in promoting their long-term survival. “The Uganda Kobs’ current numbers in this National Park isn’t what is desired and has to be re-inforced by translocating more”, said Sam Mwandha, Uganda Wildlife Authority Executive Director. He also added that having these iconic antelopes in several National Parks will be crucial in guaranteeing their long-term survival.

About Uganda Kobs

Uganda Kobs are classified as species of “least concern” and are sub-species of the Kob living in the open or wooded savannah, grasslands close to Lakes and Rivers of Sub-Saharan African countries of Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan. The fact that they live in open grassland areas make them an easy target for poachers.

The medium-sized antelopes appear like the impalas but are not related in anyway. The Kobs are primarily reddish-brown and heavily built. Horns only occur in male Uganda Kobs and are usually lyre-shaped, divergent, and strongly ridged.

The Uganda Kob is so special to the Pearl Of Africa
The Uganda Kob is so special to Uganda and this is signified by its presence on the country’s Coat of Arms as a symbol of the abundant Wildlife presence.

Where to see Uganda kobs in Uganda; Kidepo Valley National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison falls National Park, Semiliki National Park and some pockets of Pian-upe game reserve.

A safari to Uganda, provides the best opportunities for Wildlife viewing which include among others the Big5 in addition to the Big2 (Gorillas and Chimpanzees).