August 22nd marked some of the last and most important events to celebrate the silver jubilee for Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

The event was attended by tourism practitioners, professionals and stake holders, among others was Dr. Jane Goodall. A primatologist, well known for her extensive research on the endangered chimpanzees in Africa, is also the founder of the “Jane Goodall Institute”, the pioneer NGO behind the vibrant Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary.

At a Public Lecture that was held at Sheraton Kampala Hotel on Tuesday 22nd August, under the theme “Partnerships for Co-existence”, Dr Goodall called for harmonized efforts by different conservationists in Uganda as a way of protecting the natural habitats of endangered chimpanzees as well as other wildlife species, and also saving them from extinction. Dr. Goodall also presided over the launch of “Roots and Shoots initiative”, a youth action Program of the Jane Goodall Institute that empowers young people to be change forces in their communities.

Adventure Consults has got 2 scheduled trips to Ngamba Island sanctuary every day and visits to Uganda Wildlife Education center can be arranged thus providing opportunities to learn more about Dr. Jane Goodall’s work in Africa.