April 2018 brought lots of excitement to the Giraffe Conservation world after receiving a new baby at Lake Mburo National park. This is the first baby Giraffe born in the area since it was gazetted as a National park.  The new born is the 16th member of the small family that have lived in the park since 2015.

The infant is under monitoring and we are certain, it’s getting good care and Love from the rest of the family.

With the help of Giraffe Conservation Foundation(GCF), in partnership with a number international conservation agencies, in early June 2015, Uganda wildlife authority translocated 15 Rothschild giraffes from Murchison Falls National Park to Lake Mburo. During the translocation exercise, 4 bulls (males) and 11 cows (females) were moved here in order to biologically control Acacia trees in the Park, as well as diversify wildlife species and boost tourism in western Uganda. The initiative was also aimed at reducing the number of giraffes in Murchison Falls such that they can feed and breed freely.

The Giraffe Conservation Foundation is the only NGO in the world that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of giraffe in the wild throughout Africa. GCF has got partnerships worldwide and Adventure Consults is one of the official partners in Uganda who assist with logistical requirements for all field operations.  

Lots of people were wondering why it took/taking so long for the Giraffes at Lake Mburo to give birth. Following a discussion with Dr Julian Fennessy (Director, GCF), he explained to Brian Mugume (Director, Adventure Consults) that the 15 Giraffes at Lake Mburo were relatively young at the time of translocation and secondly, gestation period of a Giraffe is about 13 to 15 months (over one year!). This and more factors, affect the rate of reproduction. There’s therefore hope that we shall see numbers going up over time.

In December 2016 giraffe (as a single species) were uplisted to ‘Vulnerable’ to extinction on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Two subspecies are currently listed as ‘Endangered’. Uganda is still lucky to have Rothschild’s giraffe which is one of the most endangered giraffe subspecies, with only a few hundred members in the wild.

Lake Mburo has got a lot to offer! The Eastern banks of the lake are best explored by a tranquil two-hour boat voyage giving you an opportunity to see crocodiles, buffalo, and hippos as well as colorful Birds. You may also go for Horseback Safaris, Morning, evening and Night drives plus walking safaris. Any of the following trips (among others) will take you to this less crowded Savannah park.

  • The Pearl Of Africa; An 11 day trip that highlights Uganda’s hidden treasures. You will have an encounter with the new tall baby at lake Mburo.
  • Wildlife & Birding- Kidepo National Park; Enjoy the isolated Wilderness of Uganda! You will be welcomed by the Giraffe, rock climbing lion and lots more!
  •  The Big 5 Adventure to Murchison Falls; Enjoy the Rhinos on foot as you head out to the home of Giraffes – Murchison falls National Park.  
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