We don’t have standard tipping percentages, as we believe this should be at the clients’ discretion. You shouldn’t find yourself in an uncomfortable tipping moment, but if, however, you want to tip because you have received good service, here below is a brief guideline to assist you. Once again, this not a rule but a guideline as you may choose to give more or less.

Airport fast track assist (arrival and departure): USD USD 5 – 10 per person.   

Transfer and Touring Driver/guides.

Transfer: USD 5 per person.

Group Half Day tour: USD 5 per person.

Group Full day tour: USD 10 per person.

Private Tour Guide:   USD 25 – 50 per day.

Specialist driver-Guides; You will in most cases spend your days with one of the experienced men and women. They do the driving and guiding.

He or she has done a good job? We recommend USD 10 per guest/per day.

Gorilla, Chimpanzee & Golden Monkey tracking – A number of committed men and women (see list below) play different roles to ensure successful Primate tracking experiences. Tips should be handed to the head guide to disperse – USD 20 per person / per trek. See a breakdown below.

Head Guide: USD 10 per person.

Ranger/s:     USD 5 per person.

Tracker/s:      USD 5 per person.

Porters: These are our conservation partners and are always helpful in carrying your cameras, backpacks for picnic lunch and drinks, rain jackets and sometimes give a hand/push in an event you get tired when primate tracking. An official fee of USD 20 is paid directly to each porter by the client. Any extra tip is recommended (USD 5 per person, per trek).

Rangers/park guides – US$ 5-10 per guest per activity. These include game drive rangers, boat guides or walking safari ranger-guides.

Lodge/Hotel staff covering all departments:  US$ 5-10 per guest per day and should be dropped into the general tipping box (usually at the reception). This is distributed equally amongst all the staff at an agreed time.

Restaurants (waiters/waitresses), 10% of the total bill. This is applicable at restaurants that are not part of main lodges/hotels. These can be at stopovers, coffee shops, bars and enroute restaurants.