The places we visit are actually peoples’ homes! Interestingly, the local Ugandans and Rwandans are always excited to see new people in their home areas. Some of these are young children and adults on the streets expecting to get free stuff from visitors. While you might wish to make a positive change to these peoples’ lives, you should do it the right way.

We highly discourage begging and for this reason, avoid giving things like money, sweets, toys. Food or drinks to such people. When they get used to receiving such gifts, some children drop out of school as they find street life more rewarding. Adults will totally stop doing their work and resort to begging. Supporting a begging community, creates the culture of dependency.

While on safari, you may encounter guides or individuals aiming at creating personal relationships for various reasons. These will always ask for your email addresses, Telephone contacts or social media personal pages. We discourage you from providing such personal information. If you however opt to do so, Adventure Consults shall not be responsible for any inconveniences that may arise at a later stage.

You are likely to meet individuals with charity organizations like schools for the homeless, orphanages, homes for elderly or conservation organizations. Some of these might be genuine but many are not. They are likely to take advantage of your generosity and collect money for unintended reasons. Always consult our office or lodge/hotel for genuine establishments that deserve support.

Adventure consults has partnered with various non-government organizations that support orphans, helpless men and women, conservation programs and many others. Check our donation section or get in touch with the office for guidance –