We have arrived home safely. It is a long trip! I wanted you to know we had a fabulous trip. I especially wanted to point out what a fabulous guide Moses was. This was our third trip to Africa. We have visited 4-5 other countries. So I have a good basis of comparison! He went out of his way for us several times over 3 days. When we got to the lodge and they briefed us, they told us what to expect the next day. They told us to pick out our walking sticks for the trek. We wanted to bring a few home as gifts, but were doubtful we could carry them on the plane and they would not fit in our bags. Moses told us of a vendor that sold them in three pieces that screwed together. It was perfect. We brought 3 home, one being a gift for an 86 year old grandfather who was not able to bring one home on his last trip to Africa, so he will be thrilled! And we were happy to support the local community at the same time. We very much enjoyed his knowledge of the area and he was very pleasant to be around! Please give that man a raise!! We are going to try to come back next year and we will definitely want Moses as our guide again! And thank you, Brian, for such personal service. Coming from Kampala to brief me the day before was very helpful and made things very relaxed for us. We appreciate you going out of your way.