National arts and cultural crafts association – NACCAU was established in 2003 to promote, preserve and transform Uganda’s tourism and traditional culture through partnering with producers and dealers in visual arts and crafts. NACCAU buys products from member producers and sells them domestically and internationally at their National arts and crafts village located next to the National Theatre in Kampala.

The Association promotes Uganda’s rich cultural heritage through art while at the same time generating income among its members and other stakeholders among whom are disadvantaged people.

Visiting the craft village at Uganda’s National theatre will give you an opportunity to understand how creative Ugandans are. They make all sorts of handcrafts including bark-cloth bags, wallets, colorful baskets, table mats, cushion covers with special and unique African prints, unique batiks (purely African), drums, spears, bow and arrows, fridge magnets with African animals, African T-shirts with most African animals and lots more!

The other interesting place you should never miss out during the Kampala city tour is Buganda Road craft village also known as Craft Village Kampala. This is so related to the craft shops at Uganda national Theater but no doubt, there’s something unique with Buganda road art and craft shops. Shops are in an enclosed, well organized area but with an option to take a street walk as you view and buy your art pieces. Get to see more of Kampala as you pick those nice souvenirs to give you the long lasting African memories.