Located on Kikaya Hill, 7 kilometres from Kampala city center, Bahai temple has been hailed as one of the wonders of Africa. The Temple interests many visitors not only because of its rare and unique architectural design but also the beautiful natural environment. The temple majestically stands out above other features in the area.

The temple was constructed between 1958 and 1961. It stands over 130 feet high with a pointed tip at the very top. This house of worship displays a regal magnificent presence to create the impression that it is the start of the natural universe.

Visiting Bahai Temple is a self-designed pilgrimage that gives an insight of heavenly peace and comfort plus a feeling of God’s revelation. The multi-colored octagonal glass planes make up most of the over 100 meter diameter of the gigantic building. The brownish blue and chocolate ceramics on the floor and the walls mix with the green roofing to create an image that blends with its natural surroundings.

The Baha’i Mother Temple of Africa, also known as the Mashriqu’l-Adhkar, is the only Bahái temple on the continent and one of only nine around the world.