Unlike other activities at the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education center, the ong stay volunteer program requires more than just a day.

Participants get to enjoy being part of the dedicated team, in a shadow keeper role. You undertake a series of activities that range from food preparation, animal observation, cleaning of holding facilities, enclosure, being surrogate mother to the sick, injured animals or in distress or undertake interpretation talks and lots more.

You need to spare at least five days and make a difference to the life of animals at the center. Time permitting, many weeks, months or even a year is recommended.

This program is open and ideal to anyone interested in;

  • Community/ adult education,
  • Caring for animals in distress and need,
  • Animal medicine or veterinary health.

Reservation & Health: Prior reservation is recommended. This is to enable us advise the necessary health requirements/inoculations, have them checked and approved.

Some animals like Chimpanzees have regular health checks and update vaccinations. This is aimed at avoiding cross transmission of diseases.

Please get in touch with our team for details – sales@adventureconsults.com

See required inoculations/vaccinations/boosters in order to participate in the Long stay Volunteer program.

  1. Hepatitis A (20 years)
  2. Hepatitis B (5 years)
  3. Measles (MMR) (10 – 15 years)
  4. Meningococcal meningitis (ACWY strains) ( 3 years)
  5. Polio (10 years)
  6. Tetanus (10 years) vaccine
  7. Rabies (2 years after completion of initial dose)
  8. A negative TB test/ chest X ray or other test are required.