The Uganda Wildlife Education Conservation Center (UWEC) offers a wide range of visitor programs. Everyone’s participation directly benefits the wildlife at the center as the funds go into operational costs like buying animal food, maintaining the quarantines, ensuring the provision of medical care, rescue programs and other related expenses.

The easiest and possibly a must do activity that does not require any inoculations is the “Behind the Scenes” program.

Behind the scenes program involves more than just watching the animals but you get to visit the holding facilities, animal hospital/pharmacy, areas where animal food is prepared from, and quarantine center as well as getting detailed talks from the animal keepers, veterinarians and wildlife specialists.

You will get up-close with the wildlife including the lions, elephants, giraffes, Cheaters, leopards and many others. Depending on the general public health conditions at the time of your visit, you may get an opportunity to feed the lions, Giraffes, play with the resident Shoebill stork and get real close to wildlife.

In order to participate in this unique activity, all you need is love for Wildlife and spare 2 to 3 hours of your time. In order to match the animal feeding schedules, we recommend visiting at 9am, 10am or 2pm.

Adventure Consults will take care of your road transport as part of the package. We recommend advance reservations, so please talk to our sales team (