Uganda Reptile Village Entebbe; Founded in 2002 and run by a local boat captain with a vision of establishing the one-of-a-kind “snake park” is the Uganda Reptile Village. It’s approximately 20 minutes’ drive from Entebbe International Airport and about an hour’s drive from Uganda’s capital – Kampala.

The main purpose of establishing the reptile village was to rescue reptiles from danger as well as offer education to the community on how to live with reptiles safely. The center plays a pivotal role in rescuing snakes and such related reptiles reported to be a likely danger to the people in and around Entebbe, Kampala and beyond.  Presently, the village has turned out to be one the best educational and fun places to visit.

The first thing that strikes you when you arrive at Uganda Reptile Village is the green color theme that makes a bold statement. Right from the green gate, to the reptile enclosures, the flowers that blanket the place, everything resonates with conservation.

The presence of over 50 reptiles and about 20 different species provide the best opportunity of getting close to rare and endangered species. You have the best opportunities for close-up photography of colorful lizards, crocodiles African rock pythons, Puff Adders, Gaboon viper, chameleons, forest cobras and a lot more!

The village has got a 3 Km stretch of a river stream where visitors to Uganda can partake basic sport fishing and canoe cruising.

A visit to the Reptile village can be part of the Entebbe Cycling adventure or a standalone half day excursion.

If you have a free day or half a day in Entebbe or Kampala, may be waiting for your connecting flight, let our team know so that you don’t mis out to see more of Entebbe/Uganda –