Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest freshwater Lake by area, the largest tropical lake in the World and the world’s second largest fresh water lake by surface area after Lake Superior in North America.

Lake Victoria is the world’s ninth largest continental lake by volume. Adventure Consults offers a number of opportunities to enjoy this amazing lake.

The size and nature of Lake Victoria, offers the best opportunities of hooking one of the world’s admired freshwater fish species – the Nile Perch!

Adventure Consults has got half and full day excursions for catch and release fishing excursions. Our experienced guides are popular for conducting successful fishing trips for over a decade. They are good at picking the right catching spots.

Different fishing methods and techniques are offered to suite every individual’s tastes and preference. Knowledgeable skippers are part of our team with a good command of English and other international languages.

Fish Caught / Methods: Nile Perch is the super start of the Victoria waters, weighing approximately 5-25 kg.  Trolling with lures is the main method of fishing used.

Equipment & Facilities on board: The boats are well equipped with an overhead sun canopy, life jackets, rain suites and basic first Aid kit to guarantee safety of participants. All our fishing equipment and lures are for trolling Nile perch for up to 4 lines per boat, although anglers are free to bring their own.

Participants are charged for any damaged or lost equipment.  Any lost Lures will cost between $20 and $25 each, plus or minus depending on prevailing prices at your time of travel.

Fishing: Usually small boats (of 6-10 meters), powered by twin outboard engines are used and each of them takes a maximum of 4 pax per fishing excursion.

Fishing schedules: Our fishing Trips leave at 9:00 am and return at 1230 hours. The afternoon session departs at 1300 hours and return at 1700 hours.

As also have an option for a full-day Fishing trip that lasts 8 hours.

Advance reservations are highly recommended. Please get in touch with our team ( or talk to your booking agent/one of our international partners.