How to get to Uganda & Rwanda

Entebbe international airport (Uganda) and Kigali international airport (Rwanda) are the major gateways to the two East African countries. Several international airlines fly into Uganda & Rwanda but mostly via Nairobi then connect to Uganda and Rwanda via their respective international airports. See next section; How to get to Uganda and How to get to Rwanda. Flying is the commonly used and most convenient for tourism.

By Road: Good sealed express highways and roads radiate from Entebbe/Kampala/Kigali outwards to the National parks and respective land borders.  Adventure Safaris connecting the major East African countries are possible. The easiest connection is via Kenya through the major Uganda – Kenya land borders of Malaba and Busia in eastern Uganda. One can perfectly connect from Masai Mara or any of Kenya’s National Parks or drive from the capital city Nairobi, stopovers along the way and enter Uganda. A smooth road network spreading out from Kampala, takes you to any of Uganda’s National Parks, or head straight to Rwanda via Cyanika/Kyanika or Katuna Land borders.  See more under Uganda and Rwanda Safari options

It’s important to understand what is required if you opt to use land borders as entry options, please check Adventure Consults’ travel info, under Immigration and Visas section or see direct links below.

How to get to Uganda.

Adventure Consults does not sell or book international flights to Uganda but through partner booking agencies,  Read More

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