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Adventure Consults is known for providing some of the most intimate Safari experiences on earth. As part of our bespoke safari experiences, we have joined forces with Uganda’s best researchers and conservationists to ensure that we provide more than just ordinary safaris but insight/Experiential Research holidays. This focuses on health as well as other conservation aspects that impact on animal survival. This unique new way of approaching Wildlife and primate safaris is a definite bucket list travel idea.  

Adventure Consults' forte is to work with World travelers’ to provide Unique Africa Safari experiences according specific needs and preferences. Get in touch!

about Dr. Gladys kalema zikusoka

Dr Gladys and her well trained staff at Conservations Through Public Health are part of Adventure Consults’ team that make Gorilla tracking experiences more rewarding.

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Gorilla habituation experience

Only 2 Gorilla families in the world can be accessed for Gorilla Habituation experience! Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, has got different sections for Gorilla tracking.

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chimpanzee habituation experience

Adventure Consults offers full day Chimp Habituation Experience (CHEX) programs in Kibale Forest National Park and Murchison falls National park (Kaniyo Pabidi).

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lion research trips

Early start (around 6:15am), get a cup of coffee, hop into one of Adventure Consults’ jeeps at the crack of dawn and head out in the savannahs in search of lions.

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A day with the batwa-pygmy community

The Batwa Experience is a living history unlike any other. A new initiative takes Uganda's Batwa/Pygmies back into the land they lost to conservation by sharing their lifetime experiences with Adventure Consults’ guests

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Dr. Gladys Intimate Gorilla Experience SIT-1

4 Day/3 nights Adventure safari for more than just a Gorilla tracking holiday, but unique and in-depth understanding of the Gorillas.

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Gorillas and Lion Research Trip - SIT-2

A 5 day/4 night insight tour to the Gorillas and Lions of Uganda with Dr. Gladys (Conservation Through Public Health) and Dr. Siefert (Uganda Carnivore Program) or any of their experienced contemporaries

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Insight Tour of Chimps and Lions - SIT 3

A 5 day/4 night Chimpanzee Habituation & Lion Research Experience. Join Dr. Siefert’s team  - Uganda Carnivore Program for more than just Lion viewing after full day interaction with Chimps of Kibale Forest.

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